Requirements to educational a web-site.

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Each student (or group of 2-3 students) should create an educational web-site - the prototype a web-site of the company (organization) in which the degree project is carried out.

The purpose

Before the developer such a web-site two purposes are put:

  • Creation of the prototype a web-site of the company - demonstration of the concept of a new site of the company.
  • Creation educational a web-site - demonstration of knowledge, the skills received at studying of a rate " Internet technology ".

Recommendations on creation of the prototype of a site.

The site should contain not less than 20 pages, from them four obligatory: " About the organizations "," a management "," contacts "and" the concept of a site "

On page " About the organization " should be placed the information after which fluent studying, to users it becomes clear, than the organization and who its basic clients is engaged.

On page "Contacts" the information on addresses, phones and an operating time of the organization should be placed.

On page "Management" the information on a management of the organization should be placed, it is desirable with photos.

On page " the Concept of a site " it is necessary to place all your innovative ideas, to list the list of services of a site and to describe an audience on which it is calculated. The maintenance of the given page can replenish and be improved in process of your training.

The site should have thought over, intuitively clear, system of navigation. It is necessary to be able to prove a choice of system of navigation. The user should represent precisely under what references it is possible to get in this or that section of a site. If the direct reference to the necessary section is not present, the user should imagine precisely sequence of pages on which it is necessary to pass to get in the necessary section.

For all described in the concept of a site of services forms or references to these services should be created. Service to realize it is not necessary! To create so-called simple information page which contain the description of service, principles of its work and external representation enough.

Transitions to such simple information page will occur under the references (forms) simulating start of this or that service. For example, if you consider, that service of search on a site on pages of a site it is necessary to place the search form is necessary to you. Thus the search mechanism to realize not necessarily, it is enough to organize the reference to the simple information page containing the detailed description of functions of internal search system and possible kinds of results of search.

Purpose and the maintenance of other pages of a site depends on a structure of activity of the organization and the developed concept of a site.

Requirements to an educational component.

The site should be created in the text editor with use of language of marking HTML and programming languages JavaScript and PHP.

Registration of a site, should be as much as possible born in tables of styles. For all HTML files the general tables of styles should be used.

Firm colors of the organization should be used. It is impossible to use non-standard fonts. The size of one page of a site, together with pictures, should not exceed 100Kb. Exception is made with pages with photos.

Pages should not be overloaded by superfluous registration and scripts. (i.e. it is impossible to use large background images and musical registration).

Examples of successful sites:


    Examples of unsuccessful sites:

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    Requirements to educational a web-site
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